Natural Treat Box
Natural Treat Box
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Natural Treat Box

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Our first ever Natural Treat Box! 

Filled with delicious and healthy goodies for your dog. 

All boxes contain naturally dried, freeze dried or puffed treats, meaning no splintering. 

Each box will contain at least 8 of the following:

  • Puffed Pig Snout: Highly palatable crunchy treats, containing natural oils and high levels of protein, promoting strong bones and teeth. Low in fat. 

  • Puffed Chicken Feet: Naturally high in Chondroitin and Glucosamine - the building blocks for joint cartilage. Full of vitamins & nutrients and high in protein, whilst promoting dental hygiene.
  • Beef Ears: Great for promoting dental health and full of Chondroitin to promote healthy joints.
  • Lamb or Beef Trachea: High in protein and easily digestible. These yummy snacks are also filled with Chondroitin and Glucosamine, promoting healthy joints. 
  • Dried Liver: Packed with Vitamins & Nutrients supporting digestion, immune function and muscle and bone strength. Some studies have shown regular liver consumption to protect against canine cancers. 

  • Sprats: Great for coat health and reducing itchiness. These little fishies also contain nutrients to support a healthy heart, blood vessels and eyesight. 
  • Cod Skin: Containing high amounts of natural antioxidants and vitamins like Omega 3 and 6 - Great for reducing inflammation, improving coat condition and promoting a healthy heart.
  • Pork & Beef Sausage: Nutritious and a highly palatable source of protein. 

  • Venison & Boar sticks: Packed with nutrients, supporting a healthy immune system and organ function. 

  • Tripe stick: Increasing the amount of healthy bacteria in your dogs’ digestive system, promoting healthy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption. 
  • Vegetable Chew: A tasty, low fat treat for your dog, aiding dental hygiene. 

  • Rabbit Ears (with fur): Low in fat and a natural deworming aid.